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James Franco to Remake Cult Movie “The Room”

The terrible movie that became a midnight sensation and then a book is going to be a movie that might not be terrible

Deporting Justin Bieber

Could it really happen here?

Patton Oswalt Takes Jerry Seinfeld to the Arts District in Downtown

Seinfeld: "Why would anyone ever be downtown?"

Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David, Together Again

Let the festival of mundanity begin!

Betting on Bitcoin

The Artist Formerly Known as Scary Spice is on the bleeding edge of technology. You can buy Mel B's new single with bitcoin.

Fishing for Money for a Dark L.A. Comedy

Guinevere, who has lived in L.A. for the last 15 years, wants your money for her latest feature, "Creeps."

Pharrell Gets Happy in a Brilliant 24-Hour Music Video

Imagine a Los Angeles where everyone is so enthused they're dancing in the streets. Pharrell did.

Clicking Through All the Channels on Bob Dylan’s Futuristic New Video

Nearly 50 years after the song was released, "Like A Rolling Stone" gets a music video that'll make your eyes pop.

Culture Shot: Paging Carlos Danger

Aside from his deceit and appallingly poor judgment, how does the guy pick a fake name that's actually goofier than "Anthony Weiner"?

Culture Shot: ‘Sharknado 2’ Is Blowing In

Syfy has announced Sharknado 2 will air on the cable channel in 2014.