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Framed: Los Angeles County Has the Coolest Hall of Records Anywhere

Michael Murphy can’t get enough of L.A.'s architectural zoo

Curtain Call: TV Good Guy Richard Thomas Tackles One of the Bard’s Most Villainous Characters

Don't cut off Iago in traffic; he'll follow you home and destroy your car

Hunter S. Thompson Gets Weird in Hawaii

The Curse of Lono, his mad rant from the coast of Kona, is finally back in print

The Essential Movie Library #84: La Belle Noiseuse (1991)

The story of an older artist finding his lost inspiration in the girlfriend of a younger artist

Meet the Man Inside Big Bird

Carol Spinney has been playing the beloved Sesame Street character for 45 years; now he’s the subject of a documentary about his work

Fred Astaire Returns to Mid Wilshire

This weekend American Contemporary Ballet pays homage to the Hollywood star by re-creating its April program—plus more

Curtain Call: As He Stars in a Play About the Pope, David Suchet Describes his Journey of Faith

David Suchet: "I think the problem with organized religion is that it’s lost its way into what it’s supposed to be doing."

Fundamentally Sound: Pentatonix Take A Cappella Mainstream

The L.A. based quintet is leading the charge into a new and instrumentally challenged landscape

Backstage Pass: Vicente Fernandez

Vicente Fernández reigns over ranchera music -- on both sides of the border

Front Lines: New Show Brings War Photography Into Focus

The upcoming exhibition at the Annenberg features 150 images from more than 50 countries of conflict and its aftermath