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Dreaming Up Awesome Music Videos is Just Part of the Job When You’re in OK Go

The Chicago-turned-L.A. outfit returns to town for two multimedia shows

Top Tickets: Motley Crue, Tori Amos, Missing Persons & More

This week's must-see L.A. concerts include a show by the ultimate '80s hair rockers who are out on their final tour before they "retire"

The Essential Movie Library #87: The Long Goodbye (1973)

Three years later he’ll move to New York, change his name to Travis Bickle, and drive cabs for a living

Remembering Charlie Haden—In His Own Words

From pint-sized performer to free jazz pioneer, the groundbreaking bassist, who recently passed away, recounts the early days of his brilliant career

Curtain Call: The Star of “Dixie’s Tupperware Party” Talks World Peace and Whirled Peas

Mobile, Alabama’s finest export, Dixie Longate, tackles today’s most pressing issues

Seven Must-See Shows the Emmys Will Probably Ignore

When the 2014 nominations are announced tomorrow, Emmy voters will likely ignore some of the best shows on television; you don't have to

Q&A: The Wit and Wisdom of Chris Isaak

"Every time I go and visit my mom back in my hometown, I try to get somebody to come over and jam. I’m still that guy"

Death, Memory, and Really Great Movies: Roger Ebert Revealed in “Life Itself”

His wife, Chaz Ebert, and filmmaker Steve James discuss the new documentary about America’s most famous film critic

Top Tickets: Cher, KISS, X, Quantic, and Chicano Batman Play Gigs in L.A. This Week

This week's must-see shows include sets by L.A.'s caped cumbia crusader, a diva on her final go-around (or she claims), and a pioneering local punk band