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How The Disaster Artist Painstakingly Re-created Tommy Wiseau’s L.A.

A guide to where Franco and co. re-created the creation of The Room

Here’s How Two Hollywood Packrats Changed the Way You See Old Movies

The vintage movie collections from these superfans are headed to auction this month
Back to the Future

Happy Back to the Future Day! Here Are 1.21 Giga-Ways to Celebrate

DeLorean rides, the Enchantment Under the Sea dance, and Pepsi Perfect are all happening in Los Angeles

Slide Show: Ed Wood Treasures Return to Los Angeles

A trunk filled with artifacts from the cult movie director turns up at auction

Wrestling with Rats and Other Fascinating Stories about The Princess Bride

Nearly 30 years after the movie Cary Elwes releases a behind-the-scenes book about the making of a cult classic

What’s New at the New Beverly Now that Quentin Tarantino is Running the Show?

For more than the 30 years the same family ran the movie house; its new owner has a different vision

James Franco to Remake Cult Movie “The Room”

The terrible movie that became a midnight sensation and then a book is going to be a movie that might not be terrible