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California Will Allow Cryptocurrency Donations To Political Campaigns

On Thursday, California lawmakers changed regulations that prohibited candidates at the local and state level from accepting cryptocurrency

The Latest Victims of Crypto-Crash: Super-Hyped, Rare Rolexes

Crypto bros just had to have certain models of Rolex and other extreme wristband-candy brands, but now their money's no good there

Crypto Maniacs: How Cash-Poor L.A. Millennials Are Buying Million Dollar Homes

Plus, what a house within driving range of Los Angeles' exclusive golf clubs will run you

CA Becomes 1st State to Launch Roadmap for Cryptocurrency Regulation

Gov. Gavin Newsom signed an executive order Wednesday directing state agencies to let the Biden plan guide them on crypto and blockchain tech.
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Dogecoin Investors Hope Cryptomaniac Elon Musk Will Make Them Rich on ‘SNL’

Meanwhile the Tesla billionaire is warning people to proceed with caution
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Can an NFT from Warren Buffett’s Granddaughter Save the Dolphins?

Proceeds from a sale of an NFT of Nicole Buffett’s artwork will be used to support Open Earth Foundation's work with dolphins near Costa Rica
nathan apodaca 420doggface208 nft law

Thinking of Buying or Minting an NFT? Here’s What You Need to Know

We asked an attorney about NFTs, copyright–and why the investing craze might leave musicians and artists in legal limbo
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Inside L.A.’s Secretive New Cryptocurrency-Backed Nightclub

At one of the only ‘crypto clubs’ on Earth, you’ll have to buy in to get in

You Can Unlock $10,000 Worth of Cryptocurrency at This Art Exhibition

Andy Bauch’s new exhibition is one big puzzle waiting to be solved