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Dawn DaLuise

The Popular West Hollywood Aesthetician Who Was Arrested for Plotting to Murder Her Rival

Dawn DaLuise is back in the news following the arrests of two L.A. men

Suspect in Baseball Tee Holds Up Glendale Bank

Robbery is having its normcore moment

Before Bonnie and Clyde, There Was Marie and Dale

The criminal couple died in a shoot out with L.A. police in 1918

Ask Chris: Prestige Parking’s Big Payout

Did Sohrab Sahab ever cough up the $65 million he skimmed in city taxes?

Of Sons and Guns

A lone shooter turned Los Angeles International Airport’s Terminal 3 into a corridor of terror. Sue McCullough was there

The Old Man Next Door

Saddam had his spider hole. Manson had Barker Ranch. For James “Whitey” Bulger, the anonymity of advanced age provided ample cover for him to hide out 16 years in Santa Monica, a stash of blood money stuffed in the walls and guns at the ready. The last days of America’s most wanted mobster

Hiding in Plain Sight: Whitey Bulger’s Secret SoCal Hangouts

In our October Issue (on newsstands now), writer Steve Mikulan dissects the story of notorious felon James Joseph "Whitey" Bulger. Here, we take a look at some of the criminal's local haunts

Gone Gang: The Group That Got Away With Back-to-Back Heists—Then Vanished

In June 1986, a group of men riding all-terrain vehicles slipped unseen into the city’s underground storm drain system, heading for the First Interstate Bank at Spaulding and Sunset.

Sticky Fingers: A Good L.A. Girl’s Secret Illegal Thrill

For many, shoplifting is a crime of want, not need

Forty-Four Minutes of Mayhem: Recounting The North Hollywood Bank Robbery of 1997

It is perhaps the city’s most haunting armed confrontation—a botched robbery at a bank on Laurel Canyon Boulevard on February 28, 1997.