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Face-off: The Confounding Case of Marchioni v. Keyes

One women sued Keyes alleging that a piece of a surgical instrument was left lodged in her face. Another woman sued alleging that an eye-lift performed by Keyes left her unable to shut her eyes.

The Last Ride of Jesse James Hollywood

Wanted for kidnapping and murder, a valley boy gangsta lives up to his name

Red Flags: Early Signs That You’re In A Dangerous Relationship

This sidebar, which explores the likelihood of violence, accompanied “You Always Kill the One You Love,” a feature from our June 1983 issue by Gary Diedrichs about the tumultuous relationship of John Sweeney and Dominique Dunne

Tainted! The High Price of Being Wrongfully Convicted

In April 1983, Michael Leahy uncovered the plight of those exonerated from crimes they didn’t commit, like Paul Turlow, who was falsely accused of fraud by the FBI. Accompanying the feature is Leahy’s exploration of how the government and attorneys can get victims of false accusations back on their feet.

City Leaders Weigh In: Crime in 1981

“If only these people thought that mooning or something…was a form of conduct as expressive as shooting someone.”

How Not to Get “Buncoed”

In April 1981 Los Angeles magazine profiled Harold Goldstein, a con artist, master of fraudulent securities and offshore-bank loans, and one of the most wanted white-collar criminals. Accompanying the story was reporter Bruce Henderson’s list of tips for local investors.

Mickey Today…

Bill Gilson, a KTTV reporter, is the only Los Angeles newsman to interview Mickey Cohen since his release from prison. The following report is based on his conversation with the former mobster last month.

Mickey Cohen: Memoirs of the Good Days

Late author and screenwriter Ben Hecht wrote this account as part of an unfinished biography of Mickey Cohen in 1958-9.