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Missing CA Family Was Taken by Armed Man, Surveillance Shows

New footage released Wednesday uncovers further details in the Central California kidnapping of four family members last week

Woman Charged with Murder for Running Over Man in Cat Rage Incident

The D.A. says the 20-year-old thought the victim tried to run over a cat, so she allegedly mowed him down in her own car
teenage runners on track

High School Athletic Trainer Charged With Sex-Related Counts on 10 Teen Girls

Richard Alexander Turner is facing more than 15 felony counts, including forcible rape, sexual penetration of an unconscious person and sexual penetration by use of force

Street Takeovers in L.A. Are Growing More Frequent and More Violent

The street takeovers are too big to police and in the last 8 months at least 6 people have died "during or near" the gatherings

Months Later, OnlyFans Star Gets Murder Charge in BF’s Stabbing Death

Courtney Clenney, a 26-year-old OnlyFans model with 2 mil followers, has been charged with killing her boyfriend in their Miami high-rise

Woman’s Burning Body Found Hanging from a Tree in Griffith Park

The LAPD said the woman—“Jane Doe 100”—likely died by suicide, but have fewer answers about the corpse found there last month

Funding For Increased Police Presence in Hollywood Approved

On Wednesday, the L.A. City Council approved $216,000 to go towards Hollywood LAPD to reduce crime in the area

LAPD Sending 200 More Cops to Hollywood as Violent Crimes Surge

L.A. has tried to be on the most progressive cutting edge of crime deterrence, but crime is rampant and people are sick of it

Cop’s Perjury Charge Ends Long Beach Man’s 39-Year Sentence

Miguel Vargas spent more than a decade in prison but will be freed now that the officer who testified against him lied in a separate case

‘Questionable Activity’ Closes Sixth Street Bridge for 3rd Straight Night

After two previous closures, LAPD tweeted that the bridge would be shut once again due to the late night antics that have made it famous