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UPDATE: Which Whitey Bulger Movie Project In The Works Will Get The Green Light? The Jury’s Out

The life, crimes, and ultimate capture of fugitive James Joseph "Whitey" Bulger Jr. read like a movie script, and now there's another project on the table for television

Michael Connelly’s Novel Approach to Crime in L.A.

The writer on his most famous character, nobility, authenticity, and L.A.

The Breakfast Conversation: Banana Pecan Pain Perdu with Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad writers Moira Walley-Beckett and Peter Gould joined actress Anna Gunn in a Q&A about the show moderated by Los Angeles magazine editor-in-chief Mary Melton

Ruthless City: Steve Erickson on L.A.’s Celluloid Terrain

This town is never so beguiling and deadly as when it’s in front of the camera

Chemical Reaction: Saying Goodbye To Breaking Bad, TV’s Most Addictive Crime Show

Nobody would have expected Breaking Bad to become the best crime show ever, and with just eight more episodes to go, nobody can imagine life without it.

Why Charles Manson Won’t Die

The mass murderer will likely perish behind bars, but his cultural influence continues to live on

All Points Bulletin! The 10 Most Iconic Cop Shows Set on the Mean Streets of L.A.

Sean Woodard profiles the city’s top procedurals

Ripped from the Headlines: Six Ways to Spell the Signature Sound of Law & Order

Which is correct? Los Angeles magazine investigates

There Will Be Blood: Hollywood’s Most Wanted Spatter Specialist Takes Us Behind Her Crime Scenes

Film production designer Devorah Herbert, who’s made crime scenes her craft in End of Watch and the upcoming Ten talks Roman Polanski, Mexican drug lords, and things she can’t unsee

The Essential Movie Library #31: Weekend (1968)

A couple who secretly plot each other’s demise head off in their car to claim an inheritance and instead find, out on the highway, the end of civilization.