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‘Injunctions 101’ in the Gang Capital of the United States

Los Angeles has more gangs than any other city in the country. It’s also the first place to introduce controversial antigang tactic: the gang injunction.

L.A. Crime Mapping 101: A Q&A with Expert Gabriela Coverdale

The Los Angeles Police Department has been working with the data crunch company the Omega Group to produce neighborhood crime maps for more than two decades. Omega sales support specialist Gabriela Coverdale tells us why

How to Navigate the LAPD’s Crime Map

Part community bulletin board, part crime-solving lead generator, the interactive map below details all criminal activity in Los Angeles in real time. Not sure how to use it? Read on.

Manson Murders

    In "Manson: An Oral History," those involved in the murders and their aftermath—Manson's followers, the cops, defense attorneys, and the prosecutor—reconstruct the crimes and speak to the terror they...