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Coyote Hunt on After Toddler Mauled at Fountain Valley Park

California Department of Fish and Wildlife agents are on the lookout for the coyote that mauled a girl at a local park
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Can Angelenos and Coyotes Coexist?

Whether you see them as nuisances or neighbors, coyotes aren’t going anywhere

10 Tips for Keeping Your Pets Safe from Coyotes

A brazen attack reminds us to be diligent. Here's how

Two L.A. Coyotes Are Now Wearing GPS Collars

The National Park Services is tracking the animals to learn how they’re surviving in L.A.’s urban landscape

8 Fun Things Happening in L.A. This Weekend

Titans of the Ice Age, art of the Sun King, surf rock, and bloody dumplings

How L.A. Works: Coyotes

While they still need natural space to raise their young, coyotes are seasoned city dwellers. Here’s how they roam