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California is Now Allowing COVID-Positive Staffers to Keep Working Amid Surge

The new policy allows asymptomatic, COVID-positive healthcare workers to return to work immediately without isolation or testing

Watch Out for Fake COVID Tests and Potential Scammers with These Tips

With the demand for COVID tests surging along with infections, officials are warning people against buying fraudulent tests

L.A. County Breaks Single-Day Record With Over 45,000 COVID Cases

The county recorded 45,584 new COVID cases and 13 additional deaths associated with the virus on Sunday

LA County Breaks Record for Daily COVID Infections

The county reported 37,215 new COVID cases in its latest data, setting a record for the highest single-day amount throughout the pandemic

L.A.’s First Case of ‘Flurona’ May Have Been Detected

A local COVID testing site announced Wednesday that a teenage boy has tested positive for both influenza and COVID aka "flurona"

Fast Food Workers Face High Risk of Contracting COVID

The UCLA Labor Center study reveals that these employees are also at a higher risk of facing difficult work conditions during the pandemic

L.A. COVID Hospitalizations Top 1,000 for First Time Since Late September

There were 1,069 COVID-positive patients in Los Angeles County hospitals as of Tuesday, according to state figures

Dear L.A. Sports Fans: This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

Due to COVID at UCLA, this year's Holiday Bowl was cancelled just hours before kickoff

Cancelled! Delayed! COVID and the Weather Wreaks Havoc on Travel Flight Schedule

Since Friday, flights have been canceled at various airports throughout SoCal including LAX and John Wayne Airport

‘Staggeringly Fast’: COVID Cases Growing Rapidly in Los Angeles

In its latest data, L.A. County reported more than 6,500 new COVID infections, more than double the number from Tuesday