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L.A. Looks to Halt COVID-Era Protections Against Rent Hikes and Evictions

The protections may end as soon as January, and close out one of the nation’s longest tenant defenses during the pandemic

California Officials Say Unemployment Pay for Workers Was Not a Priority

A state oversight agency found that CA does “not prioritize getting benefits to workers" while 6 million are left in limbo

Back to School: LAUSD Drops Masking and Other COVID Restrictions

Los Angeles Unified School District announced it's easing COVID rules to reflect that the worst of times are over and it’s enough already

Smiles Everyone! L.A. Health Authorities Back Down on Mask Mandate

Public health officials had been warning they might reinstate forced indoor public masking on Friday, but it’s not happening—for now

L.A. County Just Might Avert Hated Mask Mandate

Could be science, could be politics, or a mix of both, but L.A. officials are saying maybe you won’t have to mummy-up again after all

Beverly Hills Will Refuse to Enforce L.A. Mask Mandate

LA County is poised for a new mask mandate, but Beverly Hills Mayor Lili Bosse says her city is done with KN95s.

L.A. County Authorities Eye New Mask Mandate by End of July

If L.A. County's COVID hospitalization rate doesn't drop fast, we could all be masking up again just in time to really sweat our faces off

COVID Hospitalizations Keep Creeping Up in LA County

With the county teetering on the edge of the "high" COVID-19 activity level—potentially leading to a new indoor mask-wearing mandate—virus-related hospitalizations climbed slightly higher in Los Angeles County, while...

Hit Hard by COVID, L.A.’s BDSM Community is Bouncing Back

Since not everyone can do it at home, L.A.'s bondage and power-exchange aficionados faced some challenging intimacy issues during lockdown

California Eviction Ban Ends, Along with Protection for 1000s of Families

The last extension on rental protection for Californians expired just in time for the 4th, and as the U.S. enjoys "Thriller"-era inflation