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dr. dre aneurysm

Hospitalized L.A. Rap Legend Dr. Dre Says He’s ‘Doing Great’

While the mogul was on the mend at Cedars-Sinai, his Brentwood home was targeted by burglars
los angeles underground parties

Threats and Restrictions Aren’t Putting a Damper on L.A.’s Rule-Flouting Underground Party Scene

As virus cases and casualties spike throughout the region, furtive dance clubs have continued to operate and thrive with little law enforcement intervention
ambulance covid-19

L.A. Ambulance Crews Advised Against Taking Patients Who Aren’t Likely to Survive to Hospitals

As COVID cases overwhelm local ERs and ICUs, EMTs are being told not to transport people who can't be resuscitated at the scene
pink's hot dogs pink's square los angeles

L.A. Hot Dog Landmark Pink’s Has Temporarily Closed Due to the Pandemic

After an employee contracted COVID-19, owners decided to shut down until the surge subsides
pandemic alone

A Year Spent Surviving a Pandemic Alone

From panic attacks to feelings of detachment, prolonged solitude took its toll on a writer living alone though the COVID-19 crisis. How he coped—and how he hopes the year changes us for the better
Whooping Cough Vaccinations Administered In Los Angeles vaccine anti vax

Some Health Care Workers Who Were Offered the Vaccine Have Turned it Down

Half of the essential medical staff offered vaccine in Riverside have refused so far
dr fauci vaccine vaccination covid uk strain

Dr. Fauci Urges Calm as a New COVID Strain Is Confirmed in California

“I don’t think Californians should feel this is something odd. This is something that’s expected,” Dr. Fauci stated
erewhon protest

Anti-Mask Protesters Stage ‘Stampede’ at Erewhon

A group of anti-mask demonstrators attempted to convince grocery shoppers to “live their lives”

A Local ICU Doctor Offers an Inside Look at L.A.’s Dire COVID Landscape

"Please continue to bend so we do not break as a whole," Dr. Thomas Yadegar pleads
covid-19 2020

A Month-by-Month Look at How L.A. Wrestled with Its Greatest Crisis Ever

In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic went from being a distant threat to the thing that defined our year—and turned the city upside down