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Postscript: The Takeover Artist

In “The Takeover Artist,” which appears in the September Los Angeles magazine, writer-at-large Ed Leibowitz profiles John Deasy, following him through his first year as the superintendent of the Los Angeles Unified School District. Executive editor Matthew Segal speaks with Leibowitz about Deasy, who’s set out to radically transform a system that is facing profound challenges—challenges that will no doubt shape the city’s future. 

Chefs of the Year: A Preface

It just made sense. We’ve put together countless (honestly, I can’t even count anymore) lists outlining the city’s best dishes, restaurants, and drinks, but although we’ve kicked the idea around for years, we’ve never dedicated an issue to the people behind L.A.’s finest food. It was time.

A Postscript Q&A: The Dream Factory

What did you think when I called you with this assignment?
I thought it was just such a great opportunity. I've been on a lot of lots and I've shot on a lot of stages, but the idea of pointing the camera at the thing rather someone that's inside it—in other words, making the location the character and presenting it more from a blue collar perspective was new. For me, that was kind of magical. 

Postscript: The End of the Line

In “The End of the Line,” which appears in the July issue of Los Angeles magazine, Charles Fleming writes about pedestrians dying on the region’s train tracks. Many are killed by accident—people crossing the tracks often underestimate how fast trains are moving—but it’s the suicides that are especially haunting for the people who operate the trains. Fleming talks with executive editor Matthew Segal about the story.

Dave Gardetta in Sex Toy Land

By now almost everyone knows that America's pornography business is situated in the heart of the San Fernando Valley. Few people, however, realize that the Valley is also home to the country's largest sex toy manufacturers. Certainly I was unaware of this fact when, three months ago, I began a profile of the family-run company Doc Johnson—the world's biggest manufacturer of vibrators, dildos, and vacuum-action penis pumps.

Postscript: The Identity Thief

In the June issue, Louise Farr writes about the twisted path of Randy Kling. In her story “The Identity Thief,” she details how Kling was a lifelong criminal with a knack for credit card fraud. He was so good at amassing aliases, he was even jailed at one point under a false identity. That was before he tried pulling off his biggest scam of all and wound up killing two people in the process. Executive editor Matthew Segal speaks with Farr about the piece.

Against Type

When you tell people that you grew up in L.A., they tend to have certain expectations. Unfortunately my friends and I rarely lived up to them. We were not...