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Gone Clubbing: A Q&A with Dave Gardetta About His December Profile of Nightclub Owner Steve Edelson

Steve Edelson has launched more nightlife venues in the city than anybody else and has built a reputation for being brilliant and volatile. Dave Gardetta, who profiles Edelson in our December issue, talks with executive editor Matthew Segal about the story—and about being a storyteller.

A Sideline Report on “Eyes on the Ball”

For her December feature about the growing sport of girls’ club volleyball, Los Angeles magazine managing editor Ann Herold covered one local team for the better part of a year. Now she opens up about the game’s impact on young female athletes and her own experience under the net

Happy Thanksgiving From Los Angeles Magazine

We couldn’t be more grateful for you, our readers, and are wishing you a lovely break.

Thanksgiving, L.A. Style: What We’re Thankful For…

A list of things our staffers are thankful for

The Chocolate Invitational Was Literally A Total Wash-Out

Two staffers drove 35 miles for nary a chocolate chip.

How Many Fashion Editors Does it Take To Change a Lightbulb?

Stand down, MythBusters. We have an answer!

News Flash: We’ve Got A New Blog About the Magazine!

The redesigned look of LAmag.com is the subject of our first official post! Let us show you around.

Fashion’s Morning Out: A Breakfast Conversation On Made in L.A.

Some of L.A.’s most stylish citizens made their way to Kate Mantilini in Beverly Hills this morning for our most â la mode Breakfast Conversation yet: an in-depth look at the city’s booming apparel manufacturing business.

The F-Stop: Climate Change On Film

Los Angeles magazine photo editor Amy Feitelberg shares her favorite images crossing her desk--and grabbing her attention--this week

The F-Stop: The Story of Polaroid

If this video doesn’t make you want to read about one of the most iconic innovations in the history of photography I don't know what will