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Urban Light in Pictures

We scoured the Internet (and even the personal albums of a few Los Angeles magazine staffers) to find these, the 32 coolest-looking, best-lit, and most moving images of the solar-powered landmark.

The Final Four: Best Music for the Vertically Challenged

There could only be one "Best of L.A." winner, but these concert venues caught our attention

The Final Four: Statement Earrings

There could only be one "Best of L.A." winner, but these stunning contenders caught our attention

Social Hour Update: Prove Your ’80s Icon Status at the Rainbow Room Tomorrow!

Bring a piece of ‘80s memorabilia and win "fabulous prizes," including a photo with one of our surprise celebrity guests!

The Final Four: Best Guacamole

There could only be one "Best of L.A." winner, but these avocado-y contenders caught our attention

The Ultimate ’80s Challenge

Two '80s L.A. obsessives—Vintage Los Angeles founder Alison Martino and Los Angeles magazine editor-in-chief Mary Melton—square off

’80s Film Series: Get Majorly Excited for “Valley Girl”

On Tuesday July 8, our '80s film series is going totally, like, valley. Get yourself in the spirit with a few pieces of nostalgia

16 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Sixteen Candles

No, you can't borrow our underwear for ten minutes, but you can psych yourself up for our upcoming screening on Monday, July 7

Your “Guerilla Gardener” Gifting Guide

What gift do you give the man who is known as L.A.'s "guerilla gardener"? Stick with what you know he'll like: something plantable

’80s Film Series Kick Off: Come for “Hollywood Shuffle,” Stay for a Q&A with Robert Townsend

Why the 1987 send-up of racist stereotypes in Hollywood is a must-see