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Fear Factor

Illustration by Gracia Lam What is it about L.A. and its police force? We know it’s not the goon squad of decades past, but the sight of the black uniforms...

Idol Folly

Illustration by André Carrilho The 1988 biopic of bebop immortal Charlie Parker, Bird, was the film that opened my eyes to Clint Eastwood’s potential as a filmmaker. Flawed and...

November 2012

Food Lovers Guide to L.A.

Plastic Surgery in L.A.

 The New L.A. Ideal  The Perfect Woman The image of the torpedo-topped, Beverly Hills trophy babe as the stereotypical plastic surgery patient is about as dated as a Patrick Nagel...

Flight Club

Cop choppers are used in roughly two-thirds of pursuits, with at least two on patrol 18,000 hours a year. Here’s an overview

I live near Sunset and Benton Way. A neighbor told me I’m “HaFo/SaFo adjacent.” What’s the story?

Illustration by Jason Schneider Neighborhood nicknames in New York take their cues from street monikers; L.A. finds inspiration in business signage. In this case, “HaFo/SaFo” is short for “Happy Foot/Sad...

Made in L.A.: Chic Frills

Photograph by Juco Pictured, from left to right: LushLush consistently makes the fashion pages of the tabloids in those “get the look for less” roundups. Designer and founder Erica Kim created...

Made in L.A.: Clutch Plays

Photograph by Juco Pictured, from left to right: Beth Springer“Handbags handmade in Venice, California,” brags designer Beth Springer. Since 2001, she’s been turning out her line of chic purses, fashioned with...

Osteria Drago

Although Drago Ristorante is closed, its handmade pastas live on at this addition to Celestino Drago’s Italian empire.