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We Hate to Break It To You, But “Top Chef” is Just a TV Show

Why reality television should not be looked upon as a guide to great cooking

Buyer’s Market

Flush with foreign capital, L.A. has become a hot spot for Chinese investors

Sassafras: Southern Hospitality, Hollywood Style

Spin the roulette wheel at the newish New Orleans-themed watering hole for a chance to sip your drinks for free.

Ask Chris: Fault and Pepper

Q: I’ve noticed a lot of peppertrees in Southern California. Are they a native species?

Quick Take: Beasts of the Southern Wild

Why should you care? The indie film is already on most Top 10 Movies of the Year lists. Also, it's really good.

Afternoon Cram: Hef is Getting Hitched!

Everything you need to know from today’s news headlines.

Puppet Master

L.A.’s celebrated Bob Baker Marionette Theater is hanging by a string. After half a century, this may be its final Nutcracker.


While most other ski towns lead with the photogenic brick-and-cedar skeletons of their former mining days, Mammoth Lakes, a city of more recent vintage, is known first—and only—for its terrain.


Colorado’s thickest snows cushion the mountains surrounding Steamboat Springs, an Old West town where false-front buildings line streets and leather-skinned ranchers still stop by the saddlery.


There is no glamour in Idyllwild. There are no resorts or gondolas or Ugg retailers. That’s not why you come here. Less Burton and more Birkenstock, it’s a sylvan realm for low-budget artists and low-key travelers.