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Rudy’s Choice: Giuliani Can Pay Ex-Wife $235K or Go to Jail

Rudy Giuliani skipped a crucial court hearing meant to hammer out exactly how much he owes his ex-wife—and is now in contempt

Donald Trump Held in Contempt of Court, Fined $10,000 a Day

A judge in New York has ordered Trump to fork over $10,000 per day for each day he fails to provide documents demanded by the state's attorney general

Counter Programming: Celebrated Films from Godard and Truffaut

Your guide to the best indie films of the weekend—popcorn not included.

The Essential Movie Library #56: Contempt (1963)

It’s not clear for whom or what is the contempt of the movie’s title; that it might be directed at the movie itself, or at filmmaker Godard himself, isn’t out of the question.