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Chef Changes at Comme Ça, Chi Lin, and More

Restaurants around town announce changes in their kitchens.

Ready to Master Your Home Bar? Sam Ross Shows You How

10 tips for crafting great cocktails from Comme Ça’s Sam Ross (plus, a bonus recipe!)

This is What You Should Be Drinking This Season

In which the bartenders pick their favorites off their new Spring cocktail lists.

Essential Cocktails: How to Make, and Where to Find, the Perfect Manhattan

Sam Ross gives a step-by-step tutorial on how to make the perfect Manhattan, plus where to find one in L.A. should you not be so DIY-inclined.

Warm Your Cold A** Up with National Hot Buttered Rum Day

This SoCal winter has been brutal, with temperatures actually going south of 50 degrees! (Insanity.) Nothing like a hot cocktail to take the chill off, am I right?

Patric Kuh Plays the Tables

Our restaurant critic eats his way through the most talked-about outposts in L.A.’s favorite desert suburb (aka Las Vegas)