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Cartoonist Jack Chick Has Died, Leaving Behind a Lifetime of Evangelical Comics That Fascinated a Generation

We profiled the reclusive Boyle Heights artist in 2003, who at the time was the world's most published living author

Marvel’s New Thor Will be a Woman

Culture Shot: If Kacy Catanzaro can conquer American Ninja Warrior, there's no reason a lady can't wield Mjölnir

Gunwolf: A Synth Rock-Loving Yakuza Hitman Takes Over Orange County

The multimedia comic book Gunwolf is a tribute to Japanese cult cinema, '80s New Wave, and hardboiled gangsters. And it comes with its own soundtrack

Lettermania: The Late Night Host Stars in a Comic Book

As comic book heroes go, David Letterman is an unlikely one. Then again, in Fame: David Letterman he's not wearing a cape or leaping tall buildings in a single bound.

Top 5 Small Press Booths at Comic-Con

Shing Yin Khor, who we wrote about in our July issue, is living every comic book geek's dream: After beating out hundreds of applicants she'll be featured in the...