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5 Questions for Tim Heidecker About his New Album

The comedian-turned-classic rock shredder chats about music, groupie deficits, and the life of an occasional rockstar.

A Pryor’s Tale: A New Biography Reveals Richard Pryor in All His Glory and Mania

If laughter is anarchy no comedian was more radical than Richard Pryor, a kid who grew up in a Peoria whorehouse to become the funniest—and most trenchant—observer of race in America.

Best Comedy Shows

The city is alive with humor. Here’s where to get the last laugh

Experimental Comic Kate Berlant Thrives on Your Confusion

Standup comedian Kate Berlant, on tour with Father John Misty, brings her idiosyncratic brand of experimental comedy to audiences around the country.

It’s the Coachella of Comedy: 4 Great Reasons to Laugh at Festival Supreme

Organized by Tenacious D bandmates Jack Black and Kyle Gass, Saturday’s Festival Supreme will turn the Santa Monica Pier into a multi-venue campus dedicated to joke-throwers of all stripes and sizes.

What A Country! Yakov Smirnoff is Back… And He’s A Love Guru

The comedian best known for his Soviet shtick returns to L.A. with a surprisingly smart show about romance and relationships. And he's still funny!

Tig Notaro’s New CD is Out Today

In case you weren't at Largo that fateful night last August, you have one more chance to hear Tig Notaro's epic set.

Remembering the Forgotten Richard Pryor

No Pryor Restraint: Life in Concert, a massive CD/DVD collection is like a visual and aural biopic where you see a man's private life develop in his creative work.

Tenacious D’s Megatastic Comedy Fest

Mr. Show. Zach Galifianakis. Sarah Silverman. The Mighty Boosh. Tig Notaro. Fred Armisen. Will Forte. They're all coming to Festival Supreme.

The Essential Movie Library #30: Some Like It Hot (1959)

With her unsung skills as a comedienne tethered to her vulnerability Marilyn Monroe steals every scene she's in.