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Drunk History’s Best Blotto Moments

With the first two seasons of the show coming out on DVD this week, we look back at the funniest plastered retellings

Brian Posehn and Friends

A Saturday night with comedian Brian Posehn is one well spent.

Rob Lowe in the Role He Was Born to Play

He's a walking, talking Patrick Nagel print in Moonbeam City—and that's a good thing

My LA To Z: Chris Hardwick

The host of Comedy Central's @midnight and "The Nerdist Podcast" tells us about his favorite local bowling spot, magical staycations, and where to find a "nerd watering hole"

Now, on Your TV: Comedian Nick Kroll and His Many Alter-Egos

Maybe you spotted the billboard advertising Dr. Armond's canine plastic surgery. No, Los Angeles' obsession with physical perfection hasn't reached a new low; it was just a clever bit of viral marketing for The Kroll Show.

5 Incredibly Important TV Tidbits from the TCAs

Between comfirmation hearings for a new Secretary of State, the bombing in Syria, and the aftermath of the Sandy Hook shooting, you'd be forgiven for not knowing that Smash will use fewer scarves. Thank god for the TCAs.