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Los Angeles Magazine investigates the most interesting crimes, unsolved murders, Old Hollywood mysteries, and more.

There’s a New Twist in Natalie Wood’s Unsolved Drowning

What did actor Robert Wagner know about that night?

How to Operate Like a Cold Case Detective

We asked expert James Warner Wallace about solving unsolvable crimes

Who Shot Silent Film Director William Desmond Taylor?

A prolific director of silent films, William Desmond Taylor was found dead on February 2, 1922.

The Chase of the Century: On the Run with O.J. Simpson

When O.J. Simpson was acquitted of double murder in 1995, it seemed there was nothing he couldn’t evade. Then life caught up with him

The Gruesome Discovery and Unsolved Mystery of The Hollywood Head

First the head was found, sniffed out in January 2012 by nine canines led by a pair of dog walkers on an afternoon trip through Bronson Canyon Park.

Gone Gang: The Group That Got Away With Back-to-Back Heists—Then Vanished

In June 1986, a group of men riding all-terrain vehicles slipped unseen into the city’s underground storm drain system, heading for the First Interstate Bank at Spaulding and Sunset.

Who Stabbed Actress Christa Helm?

She didn’t find success in Hollywood but she excelled at parties and in bedrooms in the Hollywood Hills. Was the actress murdered because she had turned to extorting the celebrities and politicians

Who Murdered UCLA Medical Center Nurse Melanie Howell?

The details of the case that haunts retired detective Cliff Shepard

“One of the Worst Reported News Stories”: Another Look at the Unsolved Murder of Notorious B.I.G.

Was the Miracle Mile killing of the Brooklyn rapper payback, orchestrated and covered up with the help of rogue LAPD officers working security for Knight?

Killer Mystery: Is Charles Manson Responsible For More Murders?

Michelle McNamara considers two cold cases