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11 Irish Coffees to Shamrock Your Saint Paddy’s Day

Because mixing uppers and downers is the secret to Irish luck

Road Trip: Getting Schooled on Tea at Costa Mesa’s Seventh Tea Bar

Tea is the second-most consumed beverage on the planet, but no real tea culture has caught on here in the States. Seventh Tea Bar hopes to change that.

Toast & Coffee Are Serious Business at SQIRL in Silver Lake

Who knew that the seemingly ho-hum breakfast combo of coffee and toast could be so damn good? Jessica Koslow did.

Vintage Matchbooks From Classic L.A. Places: Norms

A peek into my crazy huge collection of L.A. matchbooks

Select SoCal Starbucks Now Serving Beer, Wine, and Fancy(-ish) Food

Coffee and tea were so 2012; beer and wine are the newest Starbucks offerings to be tested out in the SoCal area. Cheers to that!

Finally! A Drip Coffee Machine That Doesn’t Suck

I was pouring money down the drain brewing expensive coffee beans in a crappy coffee machine, but I've finally upgraded my game and splurged on a Bonavita. Worth EVERY penny.

The Best Damn Espresso I’ve Ever Had: G&B Coffee at SQIRL in Silver Lake

A few weeks ago, my buddy Josh Lurie from FoodGPS asked if I’d like to join him at G&B Coffee, a coffee pop-up of sorts, using a counter at the recently relocated SQIRL kitchen in Silver Lake. True too that the food was ridiculously good, but the espresso is what I really haven’t shut the hell up about ever since my visit.