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What’s David Lynch Been Up To? Making Art and Music Instead of Movies

An exhibition of the filmmaker’s new paintings and watercolors opens this weekend in L.A.

The Ultimate Guide to L.A. Coffee

The city's finest nouveau coffee shops, plus a handy map for all your caffeinated needs.

Best Nouveau Coffee

These days a cup of joe can’t merely be good to the last drop—it has to be superb from the first bean

PDX to LAX: Stumptown Coffee Now Pulling Shots Downtown

The Arts District has a new coffee shop and roaster.

Pedalers Fork

Finally—a one-stop shop for a quinoa burger, an old-fashioned, and fixing that wobbly wheel.

Coffee Q & A: Kyle Glanville and Charles Babinski

Wake me up before you go get 'em tiger.

11 Irish Coffees to Shamrock Your Saint Paddy’s Day

Because mixing uppers and downers is the secret to Irish luck

Road Trip: Getting Schooled on Tea at Costa Mesa’s Seventh Tea Bar

Tea is the second-most consumed beverage on the planet, but no real tea culture has caught on here in the States. Seventh Tea Bar hopes to change that.

Toast & Coffee Are Serious Business at SQIRL in Silver Lake

Who knew that the seemingly ho-hum breakfast combo of coffee and toast could be so damn good? Jessica Koslow did.

Vintage Matchbooks From Classic L.A. Places: Norms

A peek into my crazy huge collection of L.A. matchbooks