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Essential Cocktails: How to Make, and Where to Find, the Perfect Sazerac

The sixth in a series of step-by-step drink tutorials from cocktail masters, Chuck Taggart shares how to make the perfect Sazerac.

Mardi Gras Cocktail Recipe: Dominick’s & Little Dom’s Hurricane

The Little Dom's / Dominick's beverage director shares her recipe for a Hurricane, the classic New Orleans cocktail being served up alongside chef Brandon Boudet's Mardi Gras inspired menu.

Essential Cocktails: How to Make and Where to Find the Perfect Old-Fashioned

Cocktail master Eric Alperin from The Varnish shares his recipe for a perfect Old Fashioned in this step-by-step tutorial.

Warm Your Cold A** Up with National Hot Buttered Rum Day

This SoCal winter has been brutal, with temperatures actually going south of 50 degrees! (Insanity.) Nothing like a hot cocktail to take the chill off, am I right?

Champagne Cocktail Punch Recipes for New Year’s Eve

Some of L.A.'s top punch makers were kind enough to share their recipes for Champagne punches perfect for any New Year's Eve shindig.

Beer Nog: The Christmas Drink That’ll Knock Your Socks Off

In checking over Julie Andrew's list of her favorite things, I don't see commercially produced egg nog on there. And if you'd like to know why, it's because it tastes awful.

Smoky Whiskey Sour

Bartender Alejandro Diaz of London’s Bubble Food shares his recipe

Bacon Blonde Bloody Mary

Karen Hatfield shares her recipe

Stumbling Cowboy Cocktail

This New Year's Eve, save the champagne for the stroke of midnight and serve a few Stumbling Cowboys instead. The herbaceous concoction is from local barman and Seven Grand...