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airbnb refund travel

Airbnb May Now Refund Some Travelers’ Coachella Bookings

The booking platform had drawn criticism for hesitating to release coronavirus-concerned travelers from their reservations
coachella postponed coachella documentary

Coachella and Stagecoach Will Be Postponed Until October

Concerns about the coronavirus have continued to grow
coachella canceled amazon lockers

Riverside County, Home of Coachella, Has Declared a Public Health Emergency

Four cases of coronavirus in the county have been confirmed
coachella canceled amazon lockers

Coachella and Stagecoach Have No Plans to Cancel for Coronavirus

Officials are taking ”proactive measures”–but for now those don’t include shutting down the festivals
coachella harassment prevention every one safety festival

The 2020 Music Festival Guide

Everything you need to know about all the best fests
coachella postponed coachella documentary

A New Coachella Documentary Drops in March Celebrating ‘20 Years in the Desert’

The doc will feature never-before-seen footage from two decades of fests
Kanye West Coachella 2019

Kanye West’s Sunday Service Turned Coachella Into a Big, Mauve Megachurch

On Easter, his secretive, celeb-attended Sunday Service made a public debut
snapstar dolls

There Are Now Terrifying “Social Media Influencer” Dolls for Children

The eyes are as cold and dead as a real influencer