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The Clippers and the Lakers Return to Primetime

What’s at stake as the teams begin their 2015-16 seasons tonight

Steve Ballmer’s Hammy Past

The owner of the Clippers plays off an older version of himself in Funny or Die’s recent spoof

There’s Always Next Year: How the Clippers Aim to Remake Themselves (Again)

The Clippers almost made history. Then they blew it. Can the love and money of their new owners lead to better times?

These Are the Most Famous Faces in Clippers Nation

You already know who roots for the Lakers. It’s time to meet L.A. basketball’s other biggest fans

Jada Paul Helps L.A. Girls Say Yes to the Prom Dress

The wife of Clippers star Chris Paul donates gowns to seniors in need

The Kobe Factor

The show put on by the Laker superstar, whose 19th season is coming to an early end because of a torn rotator cuff, remains a solo act

New Year’s Eve on the Cheap: Free Tickets to Tonight’s Clippers Game on Craigslist

Full disclosure: they’re in the “noise bleed” section

Foam Finger: Scenes From a Very Scary Staples Center

The Halloween-night match between the Clippers and the Lakers made for an odd night