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Meet the Grandson of Clifton’s Founder, Clifford Clinton

Edmond J. Clinton III is talking about his new book, Clifton's and Clifford Clinton, A Cafeteria and a Crusader
Clifton’s Cafeteria

Where to Eat Now: Hot ‘n’ Fresh L.A. Restaurants, 10/2

Get your fill of this week’s dining buzz

The First Patrons Stream Into Clifton’s Cafeteria

Fans finally get inside the wooded wonderland on Broadway and Brother Pancake is there to greet them

Clifton’s Will Officially Open Its Doors to the Public On October 1

Or so an Instagram post from the cafeteria says
Route 66

Automobile Club Releases 90th Anniversary Guide to Route 66

There's no cell signal in the desert

Clifton’s Cafeteria: A Piece of L.A. History Restored for a New Generation

Its unapologetic kitschiness just seems to transcend time

Clifton’s Finally Reopens with Jazz, Jell-O, and June Lockhart

The downtown cafeteria emerges after a four-year makeover
Clifton’s Cafeteria

Scene It Before: Clifton’s Cafeteria

The iconic eatery reopening next week has appearances in Mad Men, Parks and Recreation, and Gangster Squad on its resume

My LA to Z: El Vez

El Vez, aka the Mexican Elvis, brings his colorful show to the Levitt Pavilion in MacArthur Park on September 11

Charting the 127-Year History of Clifton’s, Downtown’s Most Glorious Resurrected Building

As the famed cafeteria readies to reopen on September 17, we explore how the woodsy-themed Jell-O slinger became the buzziest spot on Broadway