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Meet the Grandson of Clifton’s Founder, Clifford Clinton

Edmond J. Clinton III is talking about his new book, Clifton's and Clifford Clinton, A Cafeteria and a Crusader

Charting the 127-Year History of Clifton’s, Downtown’s Most Glorious Resurrected Building

As the famed cafeteria readies to reopen on September 17, we explore how the woodsy-themed Jell-O slinger became the buzziest spot on Broadway

Behold the Fantastical New Clifton’s

After four years behind scaffolding, downtown’s storied cafeteria reopens

The Cafeteria of the Golden Rule

of his move to Los Angeles when he and the 20th century were both 31 years old, Clifford Clinton would later write, "I was frightened." He had reason to...