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My LA to Z: Kamasi Washington

The tenor saxophonist and Kendrick Lamar collaborator—who’s playing Disney Hall on November 6—talks LACMA, absinthe, and where to get a good steak at 3 a.m.

Pasadena Was Founded by “Colonists” from Indiana

They came. They saw. They planted a ton of roses

This 1909 Map Is a Throwback to the Time of One of L.A.’s Most Corrupt Mayors

The carefully drawn streets are immaculate. Mayor Arthur Cyprian Harper’s business dealings, on the other hand…

Los Angeles Central Library Turns 90 Today

In all its years serving the city, the downtown institution has seen its fair share of intriguing patrons

How Downtown’s Grand Park Almost Became a Massive Nuclear Bunker

This proposed bunker from the Cold War era would have protected 90,000 people

Only a Real Angeleno Can Distinguish Seasons Based on Sunlight

It rarely rains and almost never snows here, but to the trained eye the shifting seasons are as clear as day

These Nondescript Stairs in Silver Lake Are Actually a Memorial to a Gay Rights Game-Changer

It was here in a small house that legendary activist Harry Hay founded the influential Mattachine Society

This Gorgeous Map Will Make You Nostalgic for L.A.’s Old Rancho Days

Way back then, the Spanish and Mexican governments were handing out land grants left and right