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Unveiled: Eric Garcetti’s Official Portrait by Street Artist Shepard Fairey

Cityside Column: L.A.’s 42nd mayor and the man behind the "André the Giant Has a Posse" campaign and iconic Obama ”Hope” poster are ”kindred spirits”

The Kevin de León Drama Is Now a Battle to Reshape L.A. Politics

Cityside Column: A physical confrontation and angry crowds throw city politics over the top rope in what could end with a brutal recall election

City Street Food Merchants Sue L.A. Over Rampant ‘No Vending Zones’

Two vendors and three community empowerment groups have filed a lawsuit taking on the draconian street meat rules that plague L.A.

City Hall Scandal May Be Good News for Indicted and Unpaid Councilman Mark Ridley-Thomas

Cityside Column: Efforts to get the suspended councilman his pay heat up, with prominent Black leaders getting involved

The Thousands of Rea$ons L.A. Councilmen Gil Cedillo and Kevin de León Have Yet to Resign

Cityside Column: Stepping down would mean giving up their salary and the immediate job prospects are not so hot for these two

Who Are the Key Suspects In Leaking the Racist City Hall Audio?

Speculation abounds about the leak of hate-filled audio from an Oct. 2021 meeting as federal public corruption officials continue the City Hall sweep dubbed “Operation Casino Loyale”

Nury Martinez Resigns as City Council President Following Leaked Audio

Nury Martinez and Councilman Kevin de León made racially charged remarks during an. Oct. 2021 conversation with Councilman Gil Cedillo and another official

The Process to Install Heather Hutt on L.A. City Council Stinks

Cityside Column: Nury Martinez has her selection installed, but backers of suspended Councilman Mark Ridley-Thomas are unlikely to back down

L.A.’s Blistering Political Battle Over a Suspended Councilman Expands Into New Fronts

Cityside Column: Council reps are now questioning whether the city controller can legally withhold Mark Ridley-Thomas's salary ahead of his trial

Bel Air Developer Convicted in Widening City Hall Bribery Scandal

Bel Air real estate player Dae Yong "David'"Lee was found guilty of paying a $500,000 bribe to an allegedly crooked L.A. councilman