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overtime los angeles payroll

A Look at Which City Employees Are Reeling in Big Bucks

Big overtime pay for an L.A. firefighter opens the door to some stunning city payroll data
city hall-oween

Happy City Hall-oween: A Bone-Chilling Journey Through the Scariest Building in Los Angeles

Spooky politicians. Ghostly FBI agents. Frightening policy conundrums. Every day is October 31 behind these doors

When Did L.A. Have a Red City Hall?

Rumor has it, bricks from the city's former HQ have ended up all over town

The Best Pics of Last Night’s Bat-Signal

That shined on city hall to honor Adam West

The Most Inspiring Signs from Today’s ‘A Day Without A Woman’ Rally Downtown

Hundreds of Angelenos gathered at City Hall to show support for women globally

These Are the Most Spectacular Vistas for Viewing the L.A. Skyline

Hills, parking structures, small boats—here's where to go to see downtown's skyscrapers at their best

Your Cheat Sheet For The 6 Local Issues On The Ballot Tomorrow

These six local issues will affect the future of our city, so let’s maybe talk about them for a second

These 7 Landmarks Awesomely Turned Purple For Prince

You won't believe what happened at his Paisley Park estate

Collette McGruder, The Posters, and Skid Row’s Inner-City Arts Are Building Bridges in the Art World

Posters and Portraits runs through December 2 at City Hall’s Bridge Gallery