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Why Is Los Angeles Tossing Food For Its Homeless Population In Dumpsters?

The Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority has responded to the furor over an investigative report showing footage of staffers with the beleaguered agency dumping what appears to be hundreds...

L.A. Mayoral Candidate Mike Feuer Picks His Lane As Race Takes Shape

Is the city attorney's campaign strategy a winning one?
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Still in the Dark About the DWP Scandal? Here’s a Primer

The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power corruption saga has been in the news again recently. Let's get caught up
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Big Bucks Roll in for Those Gunning for Mayor and Other Citywide Posts

An early look at who’s bringing in the most money in the races for mayor, city attorney, and city controller—and where that cash is coming from
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Fundraising Is Underway for the 2022 Local Races. Here’s Who’s In the Lead

Money isn't everything, but early totals give us a glimpse of races to watch, from mayor to city council
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Former Republican Radio Host Kevin James Enters the Race for L.A. City Attorney

The one-time mayoral candidate entered City Hall and changed parties—and now he's aiming even higher