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Eat ShopHouse For Free (In a Graveyard While Watching a Kevin Bacon Movie) This Weekend

Get your grub on with the ghosts of rice bowls past

First Look: Check Out This Week’s Cinespia Poster

We're definitely not in Kansas anymore
Hollywood Forever Cemetery

Exclusive: See Which Movies Cinespia is Screening at Hollywood Forever Cemetery in July

Cinespia's mid-summer lineup includes Top Gun, The Goonies, and Hard Days Night

Meet the Man Who Curates the Crazy Cool Events at Hollywood Forever Cemetery

Sunrise concerts, movie screenings, and literary readings aren’t events you typically associate with a graveyard—unless it's Hollywood Forever

Watch the ‘Breaking Bad’ Finale in a Graveyard

Since we don't know of any laundromats, El Pollo Loco franchises, or underground meth labs hosting viewing parties for the Breaking Bad finale, we'll take what we can get.

Bring Out Your Dead: Cinespia Unveils (Some Of) its Summer Schedule

With "Clueless" and "American Psycho" on the docket, this year's iteration of the open-air film series doesn't disappoint.