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‘Once Upon a Time in America’: Cinefamily Screens Sergio Leone’s Gangster Masterpiece

This weekend Cinefamily will celebrate Independence Day by screening Sergio Leone's gangster epic, "Once Upon a Time in America" not once, but three times.

‘Singin’ in the Rain’: Cinefamily Debuts New Projector

If it's been years since you've seen 'Singin’ in the Rain'—or if you haven't seen it at all—here's the perfect excuse.

Source On The Sunset Strip

Share a slice of mushroom loaf with the happiest cult in America.

Blood, Sugar, Sex, Magick: A New Documentary About the Source Family

More than a decade before televangelist Jim Bakker reached the apex of his success, a lesser-known Jim Baker was building one of L.A.’s most enterprising and influential cults.

Robert Downey Jr. Gives Cinefamily Early Christmas Present

The question isn't "Who showed up at Cinefamily this weekend?" The question is, "Who didn't?"