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LACMA Celebrates 10 Years of Urban Light With a Beautiful Photo Series

It's a snapshot of what Chris Burden's sculpture means to the people of L.A.
Metro Paleontologist

L.A. Archetype: Metro Paleontologist

Kim Scott has tunnel vision when it comes to history, digging up what’s below the surface

Urban Light in Pictures

We scoured the Internet (and even the personal albums of a few Los Angeles magazine staffers) to find these, the 32 coolest-looking, best-lit, and most moving images of the solar-powered landmark.
Chris Burden

Chris Burden Has Died at Age 69

Remembering one of the most iconic L.A. artists
Chris Burden

The Sculptor of Dreams

The man responsible for LACMA's "Urban Light" installation passed away Sunday, May 10. We profiled the prolific sculptor in 2012

Video: Chris Burden Shot on Film. Literally.

It’s generally assumed that up-and-coming artists ‘starve’ for their work, but how many can claim they’ve taken a bullet?