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Los Angeles Chocolate Festival and Pastry Show

If Christmas hasn’t expanded your waistline enough, Indulge LA is calling.

Original Hip-Hop Chocolates: The Musically Inspired Treat

You can finally put hip-hop in your body thanks to artist Marcus Gray and his edible chocolate concoctions

Treat Yourself: Six Hot Chocolates We Love

Toasted marshmallows, Mexican chocolate, and custom blends keep these hot cocoas at the top of our list

Recipe: Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Buttercream from Valerie Confections

Pastry chef Valerie Gordon’s decadent chocolate cake recipe from her book Sweet

Pairing Craft Beer with Chocolate and Cheese for Valentine’s Day

Smog City Brewing & ChocoVivo team up for a beer & chocolate pairing; Library Alehouse’s Alex P. Davis helps you host your own

It Takes 317 Gallons of Water to Produce a Bar of Chocolate

A look at the amount of virtual water it takes to produce every day food

This is How Your Easter Candy Is Made

Did you know that most of the See's candy you eat is made right here in a factory on La Cienega Blvd? Did you know that the factory has two massive silos, each of which holds 80,000 gallons of liquid chocolate?

DispL.A. Case #51: Copper Pot From See’s Candies

The history of Los Angeles as told through 232 objects.

Swag Hag: We’re Too Sexy for this Chocolate

What are you drooling over: the creamy milk chocolate bar or the abs on Beckham? Both taste delicious.