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Hair Moss, Bamboo Fungus, and More Lucky Foods to Eat for Chinese New Year

Your guide to symbolic good luck grub in the Year of the Snake.

Asian Persuasion: Green Curry Mussels at M.B. Post

PEI black mussels combine with Chinese lap cheong sausage, cilantro, lime juice, kaffir leaves, Thai chiles, and green curry to make our stomachs happy.

How to Get “Ahead” at Beijing Pavilion

Ox head, pig skin jelly, and lamb testicle skewers... oh my! Extreme dining, Beijing style, in Rowland Heights.

I Dream of Bryant Ng’s Rice Porridge

Chef Bryant Ng's scallop congee at The Spice Table is the stuff dreams are made of. Who knew jook could be so good?

A Totally Rad Radish Cake at Sea Harbour Seafood Restaurant

One of the San Gabriel Valley's best dim sum spots seriously impresses with their unique spin on the humble radish cake.

The Beef Roll: an International “Pancake” NOT Available at IHOP

IHOP is supposed to be the International House of Pancakes, however, its menu is somehow missing the hometown pancake of eastern China’s Shandong Province: the beef roll.

If You Can’t Take The Cold, Get into the Hot Pot

Monterey Park’s Hot Pot Hot Pot (so good, they named it twice) has exceptional broth, plus meat and vegetable choices that go above & beyond standard selections found at better-known hot pot spots.