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Menu Secrets: Get Crabby at Chinatown’s Hop Woo

Blue crab body—not the legs—is an bargain off-menu special at Hop Woo

Chinese Food: Cup of Joy

For the Chinese,tea is both a sacred and a wholly ordinary thing. It is brewed when you wake up, at bedtime, for company, as medicine, for talking, for not...

Chinese Food: Flavor Source

There’s a line that runs across the middle of China marking where the starch of choice shifts from rice to wheat-based noodles and dumplings. The famous Peking duck was...

Chinese Food: Hot Box

Toss-fried Lamb Hunan Style Restaurant, 529 E. Valley Blvd., Ste. 108A, San Gabriel, 626-288-0758 Soft curls of meat are cloaked in a multilayered quartet of chilies—dried whole, flaked in oil, freshly...

Chinese Food: Kung Pao Kosher

Comedian, celebrity roast king, and L.A. resident Jeffrey Ross demystifies The Jewish-Chinese food connection

Chinese Food: Last Bite

Fortune cookies? Oh please. Save room for shaved ice, frilly fruit tarts, and durian rolls

Chinese Food: Sesame Street

No city’s Chinatown—not even our own—comes close to Valley Boulevard in the San Gabriel Valley for the scope of Chinese regional specialties. From the fusion fare of Hong Kong...

Chinese Food: Two Chinatowns

Yang Chow’s slippery shrimp still beckons, but the area beyond the dragon gates is not the culinary destination of old. What it is remains enchanting

Chinese Food: Westward Ho!

Prefer your Hunan beef without the freeway trek? Whet your appetite closer to home

L.A.’s Finest (Fantastical) Dim Sum Cart

Hong Kong’s gift to brunch, dim sum is a noisy, tea-soaked smorgasbord. We assembled—virtually at least—the dim sum cart of our dreams, carrying ten of our favorite morning nibbles from some of L.A.’s choicest practitioners