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Ten Things You Should Know Before Dipping Your Meat at Hai Di Lao Hot Pot

Extras, extras: Snacking on free fruit cups while you wait is only the beginning

Aziz Ansari Has Something to Say About Orange Chicken

The comedian also goes deep on food-supply issues in his new Netflix special

Sawtelle Gets Dim Sum and Then Some from Alex Chu’s New School Kitchen

Shu mai and har gow mix it up with brussel sprouts and bacon at this restaurant/test kitchen

Huaen’s Chinese Dumplings Are Ready to Plump You Up

Get them steamed or pan-fried in Gardena

Food Fight: Chefs Battle at Chinatown’s Year of the Sheep Bash

The Year of the Sheep is filled with pork at the annual street festival

Tingle and Ready to Mingle: Huolala’s Szechuan Lamb Turns up the Heat

The Monterey Park restaurant serves a huge tray of meat for family-style feasts

I Kissed a Shark and I Liked It: Where to Eat Shark Lip in the San Gabriel Valley

Shark fin is still banned, but shark lip is a rare delicacy for those looking to eat exotically yet legally for Chinese New Year

Fire and Spice: Get Szechuan Food Delivered from the San Gabriel Valley

ToGo626 will also bring you Peking duck

Westside Chinese Finally Brings the Heat

Spicy lobster and fragrant soup dumplings aren’t limited to the San Gabriel Valley anymore

Eating History: Tommy Lasorda Special at Paul’s Kitchen

Remembering those Dodgers days with old-school Chinese food