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Cher is Dating 40-years-younger Alexander Edwards, Ex of Amber Rose

Alexander Edwards is a known cheater, says Amber Rose, but Cher is in love with the youngster so that's that

Cher Is Selling Her Venice-Inspired Malibu Mansion for $85 Million

With a Pacific view, this property is also packed with amenities, such as Cher's own a climate-controlled wig room

Cher Files $1 Million Lawsuit Against Sonny Bono’s Widow

Cher filed suit in Los Angeles Wednesday against Sonny Bono’s widow, Mary Bono, claiming the former Riverside County congresswoman is illegally holding onto money from a royalty-sharing agreement for...

Need Holiday Plans? How About These Identical Twin Celebrity Impersonators?

The Las Vegas-based Edwards Twins bring Cher, Streisand, and Lady Gaga to the Valley

“The Weather and the Girls”: LP Talks Music and the L.A. Muse

The singer-songwriter is playing No Vacancy on November 24

Fall Fashion: Feathers and Fringe

Designers look to the American West for inspiration
Roller rink

The Glorious Disco Days of Flipper’s Roller Rink

The skate center was L.A.’s answer to Studio 54—on wheels

Top Tickets: Cher, KISS, X, Quantic, and Chicano Batman Play Gigs in L.A. This Week

This week's must-see shows include sets by L.A.'s caped cumbia crusader, a diva on her final go-around (or she claims), and a pioneering local punk band