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chateau marmont andre balazs

Fired Chateau Marmont Workers Finally Get Their Union

Chateau Marmont employees are going back to work with the support of a union after more than two years of struggle and celebrity scabs

Celebs Cross Picket Lines at Jay-Z’s Chateau Marmont Oscars Party

Jay-Z and his rich and famous pals turned scab Sunday to attend a fancy party despite workers’ pleas for solidarity

Ex-Chateau Marmont Boss Seeks to Open New Hotel in Los Angeles

The hotel will be located on Hollywood and Vine, across from Capitol Records
chateau marmont andre balazs

Aaron Sorkin Canceled Filming at the Chateau Marmont in Solidarity with Workers

“We urge everyone else in the industry to follow his lead and honor the boycott of the Chateau Marmont,” said labor leader Kurt Petersen

How I Got This Look: A Dapper Nightlife Duo Deconstruct Their Signature Style

Rich Royal and Anya Varda aren't letting the pandemic keep them from getting glam
chateau marmont

Former Employees Claim Chateau Marmont Is a House of Horrors

Staffers tell The Hollywood Reporter that the iconic hotel is a hive of discrimination and mismanagement
chateau marmont andre balazs

The Chateau Marmont Is Set to Flip to a Private Club

Owner André Balazs says he is likely to rehire few of the property’s laid-off staffers for the new venture
chateau marmont andre balazs

As Layoffs Continue, L.A.’s Hotel Workers Are in Crisis

"Things are just awful right now on so many levels," says one hospitality union rep
dan peres as needed for pain

‘I’d Made the Decision I Was Going to Try Heroin’: Dan Peres Delves Into the Dirty Details of His Addiction

In an exclusive excerpt from the former ’Details’ editor’s buzzy new memoir, he recalls a wildly misspent night in Los Angeles
matthew mcconaughey the gentlemen

Matthew McConaughey’s Journey from ‘Dazed’ Kid to Cannabis Kingpin in ‘The Gentlemen’

The actor talks his early career, Hollywood hangouts, and his new role as a prince of pot in Guy Ritchie's latest