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George Gascon London Breed Dennis Herrera

Why Do Officials Who Worked with George Gasc贸n in S.F. Appear to Be Snubbing Him Now?

Gasc贸n was San Francisco鈥檚 D.A. before moving south, and it seems not everyone was impressed

How the Police Commission Got the LAPD to Buy Into De-Escalation

The goal: to reduce officer-involved shootings

Chief of Police Charlie Beck Answers Tough Questions About Police Brutality, Prop. 47, and the City’s Spike in Violence

Beck, whose family has been part of the department for three generations, wants to make the city safer and build public trust

Editor-in-Chief Mary Melton on Her Complicated Relationship with the LAPD

When do we ask too much of police officers, and when do we get too little?

Party Shot: Judd Apatow is Honored at The Rape Foundation’s Annual Brunch

Foundation President Gail Abarbanel also gave a big shout-out to LAPD Chief Charlie Beck

Bum City: Violent Crime in L.A. Jumped by 14.3 Percent

Aggravated assaults, rape, homicides, and robberies have all increased for the first time since 2003

CityDig: What the LAPD Leaves Behind at Parker Center

From 1955 until 2009, when most staff moved to a new administrative building a block away, the Los Angeles Police Department鈥檚 Parker Center was as a proud symbol of police modernization and a focal point for controversy. Last week Chief Charlie Beck padlocked its front doors, and the aging building now stands vacant.