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los angeles skyline filled with smog

Pipes and Stoves in California Homes Are Spewing Carcinogenic Gas

According to a new and troubling study, in communities across California the air inside your house may also be killing you
trebek open space alex trebek cancer last season jeopardy

Who Is the Real Alex Trebek? I Think I May Have Caught a Glimpse

Following the Jeopardy! host’s cancer diagnosis, memorable contestants gathered for the final taping of the season
kardashian center ucla

The Kardashian Clan Is Backing UCLA’s Newest Medical Center

The Robert G. Kardashian Center will treat patients and conduct research on esophageal health

Drinking Very Hot Coffee May Cause Cancer

We’ll take that latte iced, actually

Steve Jobs’ Former Doctor on Living Longer and Hating Yoga

Longevity expert Dr. David Agus shares his expertise on vitamins, preventing Alzheimer’s, and self-driving cars