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California Usurps Germany as the World’s 4th Most Powerful Economy

After Germany enjoyed years as earth’s No. 4 largest economy, California has driven it down the international pecking order

California Pedestrians Will Soon Be Free to Jaywalk

Taking effect in 2023, citations that have been known to disproportionality effect people of color will stop—so long as it’s safe to cross.

California Private Prison Ban Ruled Unconstitutional in Federal Court

The 9th Circuit Court of appeals says California’s ban on private prisons and immigrant detention centers breaks federal law

CA Man Is First to Kayak Solo, Unsupported From Monterey to Hawaii

After a 91-day voyage, Cyril Derreumaux is the first person to kayak the 2,400 nautical miles without assisted propulsion

Authorities Investigate 50 Dogs Found Caged Alive in Border 32 Fire

Animal service workers found dozens of canines tied up and caged, plus peacocks, ducks and assorted livestock

The Route Fire Plus Record Heat is Hell for Firefighters and Residents

The Route Fire incinerated 5000 acres since Wednesday as temperatures move well above 100 and heat-related issues are reported.

Trump Era Drilling Nixed in San Luis Obispo, 11 Wells Permanently Closed

An agreement between advocacy groups and the Bureau of Land Management was reached after approval to drill at Carrizo Plain expired

New Study: Mega-Floods Could Make Central Valley a ‘Vast Inland Sea’

Scientists are warning that the simmering climate may bring monster storms, unleashing Biblical torrents upon the state of California

Study Finds Wildfires Disproportionately Impact Lower-Income Families

Non-renewals, higher premiums, and costly property improvements make wildfires even worse for already marginalized homeowners

Top Water Resources Official Quits Citing Newsom Drought Record

After years of service, a board manager has no faith in Newsom’s tactics, and warns his former colleagues that things will get much worse