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los angeles wildfire risk

These L.A.-Area Communities Have a Higher Fire Risk than Paradise, California

A new report shows that the NorCal city is no anomaly

Environmental Groups Are Suing to Stop Fragile Grasslands from Becoming a Planned City

The lawsuit is just the latest chapter in a decades-long debate over the 6,700-acre Centennial development

The Undocumented Immigrants Who Are Redefining ‘American’

They believe in the power of open communication

These are the 7 Best Shops for California-Themed Jewelry

Rep your city with a dainty nameplate necklace or signet ring dedicated to the 405

Main Sqeeze: How the Orange Revolutionized California

Exotic and delicious, the citrus fruit was not only a symbol of the Golden State’s prosperity—it was an invitation to move here

U.S. Supreme Court Upholds California’s Foie Gras Ban

The high court denies appeal by Hermosa Beach restaurant Hot's Kitchen

New Legislation to Stamp out Fraud in California Farmers Markets

What local farmers think about the new law

Will the Supreme Court Overturn California’s Foie Gras Ban?

Thirteen states have petitioned the court to review our culinary prohibition

Whole Foods Fined For Overcharging Customers

The premium grocery chain must pay $800K to California agencies for violating consumer laws

Slate Says Californians Eat Only Tofu and Kale

Where does California fit in among the United Steaks of America?