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These Female Animators are Redrawing an Industry’s Gender Lines

Women make up 70 percent of CalArt’s animation program but hold just 25 percent of the jobs

Get Your Literary Fix at Sumarr, Diana Arterian’s Seasonal Reading Series

It's the best place in town to discover fresh talent

Check out Americana Nouveau at CalArts this Weekend

Ever wondered what alternative country fused with doom metal sounds like?

Thom Andersen: The Thoughts That Once We Had

In his 2003 documentary, Los Angeles Plays Itself, the CalArts professor stitched together cinematic scenes of the city

Leonard Nimoy’s Legacy in the Los Angeles Art World

The death of the photographer and philanthropist leaves a black hole in his adopted hometown

John Baldessari Has A Namesake Building—Finally

The artist gets a building named after him at CalArts where he once taught.

Animated Conversation

Friends of CalArts get together for wine, cheese and Ratatouille.

Alison Brie

The 29-year-old actress, who returns to Mad Men this month (and appears in Community), on balloon animals, drum circles, and South Pasadena

Tim Burton

You’re often compensating for things that are lacking in your life. If you’re in the cold all the time, you want sun. You need that for chemical balance. So...