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Warning of Trumpism, Biden Tries to Help Newsom Run Up the Score on the Recall

Putting the recall race into perspective, the President told a crowd in Long Beach Monday night, “The rest of America is counting on you, and so am I"
caitlyn jenner

Caitlyn Jenner’s Campaign Promises She’s Not Running for the Money

The Republican recall candidate is back on the campaign trail and fielding tough questions after filming a reality show in Australia
caitlyn jenner

Caitlyn Jenner’s Gubernatorial Campaign Is Short on Cash and Racking Up Debt

Despite a few wealthy Republican donors like Larry Ellison making large contributions, the reality star's long-shot run for governor has a cashflow problem
caitlyn jenner

After CPAC Taunts, Caitlyn Jenner Gets Little Support from Prominent Conservatives

In the immediate aftermath of an encounter with a transphobic heckler in Dallas this weekend, few came to the aspiring politico's defense
caitlyn jenner

Caitlyn Jenner Suggests Moving Unhoused People Into ‘Big, Open Fields’

The Republican gubernatorial wannabe lobbed out the idea during an interview this week
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A New Poll Shows Cratering Support for the Newsom Recall—and Even Less for Caitlyn Jenner

Things aren't looking good for the effort to oust California's current governor
caitlyn jenner

Caitlyn Jenner Is Concerned the Unhoused Are Making California Inhospitable to Private Jet Owners

The recall candidate also talked to Hannity about building the wall, keeping trans girls out of girls sports, and more
caitlyn jenner

Caitlyn Jenner Is Officially Running for Governor in the Newsom Recall

The Republican reality TV star enlisted members of Trump's team to kick off her campaign

Caitlyn Jenner Once Forbade the Kardashian Kids from Uttering O.J. Simpson’s Name

The reality star opens up about her reaction in the wake of the Trial of the Century

Lilly Wachowski, Demi Lovato, and Queen Latifah Shine at the GLAAD Media Awards

They joined Caitlyn Jenner and Ruby Rose for the awards that honor “fair, accurate, and inclusive” representations of the LGBT community