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Curtain Call: 13 Shows That Earned a Standing Ovation in 2014

One-person productions abound in a year that was rich and diverse for local theater

Banksy, Streisand, and Houdini: Three Great Nights at the Theater

Buyer & Cellar, Flim Flam, and The Pageant of the Master are definitely worth the drive

A Fine Idea: Inviting the Entire Theater to the After-Party for Buyer & Cellar at The Taper

The opening night of Buyer & Cellar at the Mark Taper Forum was a giggle that kept on giggling

Curtain Call: One is the Loneliest Number for Michael Urieā€”Until Barbra Shows Up

Ugly Betty meets ā€œHello Gorgeousā€ in Buyer & Cellar