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Jabba & Leia The Empire Strips Back

The Empire Strips Back: Star Wars, But Make It Hilarious Burlesque

A burlesque show for all, but one which will likely be attended primarily by the franchise's many fanboys and girls, Star Wars: The Empire Strips Back, to quote the...
peepshow menagerie burlesque los angeles

How These Nerd-Burlesque Pioneers Have Kept It Fresh for Fans for a Decade

When it comes to L.A.'s longest-running monthly burlesque show, Peepshow Menagerie, expect the unexpected

Documentary Week on Ask Chris: Freeway City

From legalized gambling to the birth of the Japanese car industry (with side trips to a famous burlesque hall and Evel Knievel’s race track), Gardena gets its due in this thoughtful film
Lady Arm Wrestling

Lady Arm Wrestling Is the New Roller Derby

Tonight's event, held at the Bootleg Theater, will be judged by Keegan-Michael Key

Champagne Wishes: Five Unusual Spots to Enjoy Bubbly in L.A.

Champagne isn’t only for NYE but also for massages, burlesque shows, and airport terminals

13 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Dita Von Teese

From her backstage playlist to her thoughts on that Cher/Christina Aguilera movie, the Queen of Burlesque spills the (vintage) tea

Buffy, the Burlesque Vampire Slayer

Thought fan culture wasn’t sexy? "Across the Whedonverse" promises sexy tassel-twirling along with a healthy dose of vampire-murdering

This Marilyn Monroe Admirer Needs a Crypt Near Her Hero

Fans of the late burlesque dancer Dixie Evans hope to place her near Monroe at Westwood Cemetery

Slide Show: Lucha VaVOOM Through the Years

A beautiful mutation of the sexo of burlesque shows and the violencia of Mexican wrestling, it has become an L.A. institution.